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Protocol for Certification and Verification of ODF and Total Sanitation Communities (Nigeria)

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Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) is presently being promoted in most parts of Nigeria as one of the major strategies for scaling up sanitation development. In Nigeria, the two major outcomes of CLTS implementation are:
  • Total elimination of open defecation
  • Total sanitation which includes environmental sanitation, personal and domestic hygiene.

The specific objectives are;

  • Total elimination of open defecation practices.
  • 100% coverage of latrine use.
  • Improved personal, household and environmental hygiene.
  • Increase ownership and sustainability of hygiene and sanitation activities.
  • Contribute to reduction in sanitation related diseases.

These guidelines are to guide the verification and certificationprocesses for declaring communities Open Defection Free (ODF) and Total Sanitation. Download the guidelines

Date: 30 November 2012