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Policy and Sector Reform to Accelerate Access to Improved Rural Sanitation

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A new WSP publication, Policy and Sector Reform to Accelerate Access to Improved Rural Sanitation, by Fred Rosensweig, Eddy Perez, and Andy Robinson, finds that accelerating rates of increase for improved sanitation requires systemic sector and policy reform.

Baseline and endline assessments of the enabling environment for rural sanitation programs in India, Indonesia, and Tanzania in 2007 and 2010, respectively, sought to take a deep look at the programmatic and institutional conditions needed to scale up, sustain large scale rural sanitation programs. India, Indonesia, and Tanzania made the most significant progress in four enabling environment component areas:

• program methodology
• implementation capacity
• availability of sanitation products and services
• monitoring and evaluation.

Although state-of-the-art knowledge on how to strengthen the enabling environment for rural sanitation is still a work in progress, this assessment findings strongly suggests that the countries with the strongest enabling environment made the most progress.

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Date: 20 July 2012