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National ODF Kenya 2020 Campaign Framework/Roadmap

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The National ODF Kenya 2020 Campaign Framework takes into account the reality that sanitation is a devolved function in the new Constitution, therefore at County and local levels, the Campaign will entail mapping and securing commitment from partners and supporting them in developing work-plans and securing resources for attaining ODF Kenya by 2020. The Campaign Framework emphasizes the importance of working with the private sector to respond to the demand created through the Campaign. The Campaign Framework has been aligned with the Kenya Environmental Sanitation and Hygiene Policy (KESHP) 2015-2030 and the Kenya Environmental Sanitation and Hygiene Strategic Framework (KESSF) 2015-2020 respectively. It is therefore an instrument aimed at fast tracking the country to achieve 100% ODF status by 2020 through developing capacities of key sanitation stakeholders, developing an effective monitoring and evaluation system, mobilizing partners and the media to support the campaign goals, facilitating and assisting County Governments in achieving their respective ODF targets, engaging and enabling the private sector to respond effectively to the demand created for sanitation materials and products and mobilize resources to allow counties to achieve their ODF targets, by 2020.

This Campaign Framework guides the stakeholders in implementation of the Campaign to ensure that Kenya becomes open defecation free by the year 2020 and also meets the development targets set in the Kenya Vision 2030.

Date: 26 June 2017