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Making Maryada real

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After the poor results of the 1999-2012 Total Sanitation Campaign, Madhya Pradesh (MP) launched the Maryada Abhiyan, based on the renewed national sanitation campaign Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan. The three relevant changes of the new campaign –as per its guidelines– are: a threefold increase of the latrine construction subsidy (partly using MGNREGA convergence), a renewed focus on collective behaviour change and women’s dignity and an emphasis on demand creation through Inter Personal Communication (IPC), such as the Swachchhata Doots (SDs) –or sanitation frontline workers– and triggering methods drawn from the Community-Led Total Sanitation approach. In this report, Andrés Hueso and Robert Chambers share their insights from the field on the recent developments of sanitation in MP and potential ways forward.

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Date: 23 April 2014