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Latest News: In Homa Bay, the shit fire is burning brighter and hotter after ODF celebration.

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News update from Philip Vincent Otieno, Plan Kenya, Homa Bay

I am glad to announce to you that once again, Homabay DA has registered
another ODF. Four villages have today been declared ODF following a
fruitful follow up and verification exercise that took place yesterday (23rd March 2010).

The four villages are Wagogo A, Wagogo B, Kamsure and Kamnugu. These
villages are in Kakaeta Sub location, North Kanyamwa Location, Kobodo
division, Ndhiwa district, Nyanza province. The four villages are
neighboring Manera Community which registered the first ODF in Homabay

The four villages form the catchment area of Rambusi primary school,
which is one of the Plan supported schools in the DA. Rambusi is
actually the second place that CLTS trigger was done in Homabay. The
first place was Arujo primary school. The triggering at Rambusi was done
in August 2007. The community’s reception of CLTS at that time was
rather lukewarm, though they promised to become ODF within three months.
This however, was not to be, as the momentum to become ODF fizzled out
after a short while. Many of them did not even start to construct the
latrines. The few, who started, only dug the pits and left them at that.
Soon the pits got filled up with soil, and others were turned for other
uses like rubbish pits. The biggest challenge that could have
contributed to the slow uptake of CLTS at that time was the “handout
mentality”. The community basically expected to be supported with
subsidies in order to construct the latrines. For example, at the end of
the CLTS trigger session, they even enthusiastically accepted that they
photo be taken as “shit eaters”. Their expectation was that this would
draw sympathy from the outside world, which would come running with
aid/subsidies to assist them construct latrines.

Last year when Manera community was declared ODF, the Rambusi community
became re-energized; or they became “re-triggered” so to speak. On their
own and without further prompting from outsiders they started a second
journey to become ODF after the first false start. Gradually they
started picking their tools and the work for latrine construction begun
in earnest. Only 6 homesteads had functional latrines against a total
of 74 homesteads at the time of CLTS trigger in 2007. In the course of
time the homesteads have increased to 99.

Yesterday a team made up of Natural Leaders from both Homabay and Ndhiwa
districts, together with personnel from the provincial administration
visited the four villages to verify the claims that they had become ODF.
After doing a physical visit of all the homesteads, the team confirmed
that indeed the four villages were ODF. The team presented their report
before the plenary meeting today, and their findings have been accepted.
Ululations echoed through the air as the four villages were declared ODF.
Aluta continua!!!

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Date: 25 March 2010