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Improving CLTS from a community perspective in Indonesia

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The Government of Indonesia has declared in its Mid-term National Plan 2010-2014 its commitment to improved
sanitation and aims to achieve 100% Open Defecation Free rural and urban areas through CLTS by 2014. Whilst
there have been advances in the sanitation sector over the past decade, there are still around 63 million people practising open defecation in Indonesia. Therefore the prospects of achieving the 2014 target are looking bleak.
This report is based on the findings of a study commissioned by Plan Indonesia, with funding from Plan Australia,
and carried out between January 2011 and July 2012 by Knowledge Links from India. The study aimed to explore the
reasons why CLTS is not achieving more promising results and to offer recommendations to achieve faster and more
sustainable results on the ground.

Read a summary of the research or download the full report

Date: 4 January 2013