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Guiding Booklet for PATS (Pakistan Approach to Total Sanitation

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To support capacity building for PATS, the Pakistan Approach to Total Sanitation, UNICEF and the Rural Support Programmes Network (RSPN) developed a series of guiding booklets:

Guidance for the Social Organizers (SO)

This booklet is for the guidance of Social Organizers or Social Mobilizers, who are implementing SPSP-Rural through PATS in their communities. This guiding booklet aims to help them to perform their work in a more professional manner, to create demand for sanitation, sustain demand through supply side interventions, facilitate BCC campaign etc for achieving and sustaining ODF status.

Guidance for Village Sanitation Committees (VSCs)

The Village Sanitation Committee (VSC) is an organized/formal structure to strengthen the efforts towards improved sanitation at community/village level. This guiding booklet supports the Social Mobilizers, Community Resource Persons and VSC members. This will also guide the social organizers and CRPs about the formation and capacity building of the members of the village sanitation committee.

Guidance for Community Resource Persons (CRPs)

This guide is aimed at community resource persons who are implementing the PATS approach in their communities. This guiding booklet supports CRPs in using the CLTS tools and to perform their work in a professional manner to achieve ODF status for their villages, keeping in view the importance of their role in pre triggering, triggering and post triggering phases.

Guidance for WASH Club members

The WASH club guiding booklet is intended for the master trainer, Social Organizer or CRPs to help build the capacity of WASH club members and school teachers on School Led Total Sanitation (SLTS). The school teachers can also use this guiding booklet to further train other members of a WASH club (if and when required).

Guidance for Entrepreneurs

This guiding booklet responds to the demand for sanitation and how this demand can be sustained by supply side interventions through promoting local sanitation entrepreneurship and establishment of sanitation marts. This booklet will help entrepreneurs in establishing their business and guide them in developing relationships and linkages with the stakeholders i,e. SO, CRP, factory owners/manufactures and masons.This guiding booklet can also be used by the person who is providing training on sanitation marketing and entrepreneurship.

Guidance for Masons

This guiding booklet highlights the importance of different low cost latrine technology options, through improved knowledge and skills of masons particularly in rural areas. It also serves the purpose of showing various appropriate options to the masons based on current user practices. In this booklet different low cost latrine designs are available along with their specifications, in order to help and support the mason in installing a proper latrine. This booklet also gives guidance on providing low cost latrine options towards climbing up the sanitation ladder.

Date: 5 March 2015