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Good practices in CLTS

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From birth, children deserve the rights to survive, to thrive and to grow to their full potential. Unfortunately, most children from poor families do not enjoy these rights due to their caregivers’ lack of effective parenting knowledge and the inability to access adequate health and educational services. As a result, children from low income families and communities are likely to start school late, with limited language skills, health problems and socio-emotional problems that interfere with learning.

Therefore, Plan Uganda implemented a two-year pilot project on early childhood care and development to ensure that 100% of the most vulnerable children get enough ECD support to enroll in primary school on time, stay in school and perform well.

This publication highlights how children’s quality start in life can be achieved when their parents prevent neglect and abuse by creating a safe environment both at home and in their communities.

Download the publication (4MB)

Date: 18 April 2012