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Documentation of CLTS Experiences with ASNANI in Nampula Province /Documentação das Experiências de CLTS por ASNANI na Província de Nampula

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This report documents the application of CLTS in Nampula under the ASNANI project, with special emphasis on the lessons learned with respect to the triggering methodology, community and individual incentives, evaluation of open defecation free status, capacity-building needs and costs.

The report aims to describe and analyze sanitation promotion, evaluation, recognition and incentives in the sample communities, and the outcomes, successes and failures achieved. The report also covers some program management issues such as capacity-building and costs.

Amaka Godfrey, February 2010

Also available in Portuguese
Documentação das Experiências de CLTS por ASNANI na Província de Nampula

Date: 30 April 2010