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CLTS tools from Malawi

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A useful set of tools devised by EWB Volunteers Ashley Raeside and Jolly Ann Maulit in consultation with Malawi district CLTS leaders and practitioners.

The Process Recorder Form helps to record information during triggering, eg information about the community, the triggering team, the tools used, outcomes, important dates etc

The Follow up Form allows for information and data to be recorded during follow up visits, eg how many latrines have been completed, how many have handwashing stations, how many Natural Leaders have emerged etc

The ODF Verification Form is a checklist of different steps to be completed during the verification process.

The Facilitator Evaluation Form aims to help with post-triggering reflection for individuals. It can also help to identify facilitators that have been effective and could take on the role of trainers in the future.

The ODF Poster is a visual reminder of the criteria necessary for communities to qualify for ODF status and can be a useful aid for extension workers.

These are just guidelines and practitioners are encouraged to adapt these forms to their specific context. Therefore the word/excel versions of the documents are also provided below:

Process Recorder Form (word)

Follow up Template (excel)

Verification Form Front (excel)

Verification Form Back (word)

Facilitator Evaluation Form

ODF Poster

Date: 12 August 2010