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CLTS in a Post-Conflict Situation: South Sudan

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In September 2014, two CLTS trainings took place in Torit County and  Kapoeta North County in South Sudan. The following report by Ross Kidd gives details of the training processes as well as many anectdotes, stories and examples to illustrate the way in which communities in this post-conflict setting responded to CLTS.

The boma chief said it all.  One of the youngest boma chiefs in the Torit County, he stood up at the end of the CLTS triggering meeting and told his community:

“Look, I’m just like you.  I’m no different.  I’ve been shitting in the bush since I was a small boy.  But I’m now full of shame because of what I’ve seen today.  We are all eating shit and getting sick.  This shitting in the bush or along the road has to stop – and I will be the first to take action.  Tomorrow I’ll start digging my pit – and you should follow me.  Everyone should build a toilet. I’m setting a target date – by 18th October, one month from today, we should all have completed our toilets.  If anyone fails to do so, he will bring shame on his house and will be fined 50 South Sudan pounds (US$9).  If I fail to build a toilet, I will pay a fine of 100 South Sudan pounds. My councillors will go house to house to check on you – and help everyone to get started. From today if we see you shitting along the road, we will warn you and check on how fast you are building your toilet. We should stop waiting for government and the donors to build us toilets. We can do it ourselves!  We will do it ourselves!”

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Date: 3 March 2015
South Sudan