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Breaking Through the Limits: Community-based Total Sanitation Implementation in North Jakarta

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This is a report on the completion of the CLEAN J (CLEAN Jakarta) project, sharing approaches, good practices, learnings and next steps from the two-year project.

Through CLEAN Jakarta program, Wahana Visi Indonesia seeks to improve environmental conditions to be healthier and fit for optimal child growth through piloting Community-BasedTotal Sanitation (CBTS) approach in urban areas. CBTS is an approach to change hygienic and sanitary behavior through community empowerment. This program was started on April 2013 to September 2015 in Penjaringan village (RW 12 and 13) and Semper Barat village (RW 04 and 16) with the total population of 20,584 people. CLEAN Jakarta supports the policy of DKI Jakarta government especially in handling urban slums. The main message to be delivered is that communities, community leaders, local leaders and all sanitation related stakeholders must work together to achieve national target that in 2019 all Indonesian people have access to drinking water and proper sanitation, known as “100-0-100”, which is 100% of population have access to drinking water, 0% of slum area, 100% of population have access to sanitation. With synergic cooperation, all attempts need to be implemented to make Jakarta as a Proper City, where children can live in an environment that can maximize all their potency.

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Date: 4 July 2016