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Are children in West Bengal shorter than children in Bangladesh?

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Children in West Bengal and Bangladesh are presumed to share the same distribution of genetic height potential. In West Bengal they are richer, on average, and are therefore slightly taller. However, when wealth is held constant, children in Bangladesh are taller. This gap can be fully accounted for by differences in open defecation, and especially by open defecation in combination with differences in women’s status and maternal nutrition.

Read more in this article by Arabinda Ghosh, Aashish Gupta and Dean Spears which was originally published by Economic and Political Weekly (EPW) on February 22nd 2014 in vol xlIX  no 8. You might also like to read the article 'The Partition of India and Height' published in The Hindu on 15th Febuary 2014.

Date: 19 February 2014