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One pagers are short write-ups by practitioners of innovations, experiences and ways in which particular challenges have been overcome.

If you would like to write a one pager based on your own experience, please use the format outlined below and remember to make it concise and practical.

Date: 23 January 2010

Community led total sanitation (CLTS): Addressing the challenges of scale and sustainability in rural Africa

by Sameer Shah (formerly Plan UK, now Health Unlimited) and Amsalu Negussie, Plan RESA (Regional Office of East and Southern Africa)

Paper presented at the Water and Sanitation in International Development and Disaster Relief (WSIDDR) International Workshop Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, 28–30 May 2008.

Date: 25 September 2009

Healthy Places, Healthy People

Njoroge Kamau, Health Advisor of Plan Kenya, Coast has contributed an article on CLTS to the June issue of Health Exchange which focuses on the social determinants of health, what they mean for health workers and how we put this approach into practice. The article describes how Plan Kenya and the Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation have used CLTS to successfully address the problems of low sanitation coverage, open defecation and their negative impacts on health. The article gives a good description of how the approach works, as well as its specific application in the Kenyan context.

Date: 23 July 2009


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