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About approach

Favourable and Unfavourable Conditions for Community Led Total Sanitation

CLTS triggering and the achievement of ODF status are more likely to succeed in some conditions than in others. Starting in favourable conditions and spreading into less favourable is a commonsense strategy. These lists of favourable and unfavourable conditions are based on brainstorming and consultation with practitioners and others.
Date: 12 December 2008

Community Led Total Sanitation as a Livelihoods Entry Point – A Brief Introduction

Katherine Pasteur (2005). IDS A livelihoods approach takes a holistic and integrated approach to development in communities, however a key challenge can be finding an entry point. Community-led Total Sanitation (CLTS) has been found to be an effective entry point activity for wider livelihood interventions. This document outlines the CLTS approach to sanitation, building solidarity and a sense of empowerment to take further action for community improvement. It describes experiences from Bangladesh as illustration of successes and challenges.
Date: 12 December 2008


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