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Key resources on CLTS

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Below you will find a list and links to key resources on CLTS. They include essential background reading for those new to CLTS.

Kamal Kar with Robert Chambers (2008) Handbook on Community-led Total Sanitation. IDS and Plan International (also available in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, Bengali, and Khmer)

Kamal Kar (2010) Facilitating “Hands-on” Training Workshops for CLTS: A Trainer’s Training Guide (also in French)

Petra Bongartz and Robert Chambers (2009) Beyond Subsidies- Triggering a Revolution in Rural Sanitation (also in French)

Bongartz, Petra, Musyoki, Samuel Musembi, Milligan, Angela and Ashley, Holly (2010) Tales of Shit: Community-Led Total Sanitation in Africa, Participatory Learning and Action 61, London: International Institute for Environment and Development (also in French)

Kamal Kar and Kirsty Milward (2011) Digging in, Spreading out and Growing up: Introducing CLTS in Africa
Brighton: IDS.

Lukenya Notes (September 2011)

Lusaka Declaration (November 2010)

Bamako Consensus (December 2010)

Robert Chambers (2009) Going to Scale with Community-led Total Sanitation: Reflections on Experience, Issues and Ways Forward IDS Practice Paper 1. Brighton: IDS

Lyla Mehta and Synne Movik (2011) Shit Matters- The Potential of Community-led Total Sanitation. Practical Action and IDS

Kamal Kar and Petra Bongartz (2006) Latest Update to Subsidy or Self Respect. Update to IDS Working Paper 257

Kamal Kar (2005) Practical Guide to Triggering Community-Led Total Sanitation. IDS. (Also available in Chinese , Arabic, Spanish, French and Lao)

Kamal Kar and Katherine Pasteur(2005) Subsidy or Self-Respect? Community Led Total Sanitation. An Update on Recent Developments IDS Working Paper 257

Kamal Kar (2003) Subsidy or Self-Respect? Participatory Total Community Sanitation in Bangladesh IDS Working Paper 184