The CLTS Knowledge Hub has changed to The Sanitation Learning Hub and we have a new website https://sanitationlearninghub.org/. Please visit us here - it would be great to stay in contact.

The CLTS Knowledge Hub website is no longer being updated you can access timely, relevant and action-orientated sanitation and hygiene resources and information at the new site.

About this site

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Welcome to the Community-led Total Sanitation website

The CLTS (Community-led Total Sanitation) website aims to be a global hub for CLTS (Community-led Total Sanitation), connecting the network of practitioners, communities, NGOs, agencies, researchers, governments, donors and others involved or interested in CLTS.

The website is an online resource centre for CLTS related information, bringing together a wide variety of documents and materials in one place. These include

  • Handbooks and manuals
  • Workshop reports,
  • Research studies
  • Case studies
  • Blog posts written by practitioners
  • News stories
  • Films and photos
  • One pagers summarising innovations and advice on specific issues
  • Conference presentations
  • And much more

We see the CLTS website as a collective project to which everyone is invited to contribute. It is envisaged as a space for sharing and learning on CLTS across organisations, countries, regions and sectors, and hopes to encourage debate around key aspects of CLTS in order to improve policy and practice.

We hope you will find it a useful space for finding and sharing information and welcome your feedback.