The CLTS Knowledge Hub has changed to The Sanitation Learning Hub and we have a new website https://sanitationlearninghub.org/. Please visit us here - it would be great to stay in contact.

The CLTS Knowledge Hub website is no longer being updated you can access timely, relevant and action-orientated sanitation and hygiene resources and information at the new site.

How to contribute to this site

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You and the CLTS website: sharing your experiences

We warmly invite you to send us any CLTS related materials you have. These can be formal documents such as case studies, reports, presentations etc or more informal write ups of your experiences and reflections. You are also welcome to send us a contribution to the CLTS blog where you can share personal experiences, questions, inspirations and reflections with others. You may also like to respond to other people’s blog posts by posting a comment.

Materials do not need to be in English. In fact, we would like to have more materials in other languages represented here! At present, the main content is in English, but there are resources in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, Bengali, Khmer, Nepali, Arabic.

Country pages
Each country has a country page with information on the history, key players and progress of CLTS in this country, as well as related resources. We are always grateful for help with creating or updating the overview pages for countries. Please get in touch if you would like to help with the page for the country you are working in or if you are doing CLTS in a country that is not yet represented on the website.

Feedback and comments
We are very keen to hear your thoughts about the CLTS website. Do you have suggestions how it could be improved? Please email us your feedback