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Digging in, Spreading Out and Growing Up: Introducing CLTS in Africa

This paper draws on the extensive involvement of Kamal Kar with the spread of CLTS in Africa to describe the early stages of the process, to elaborate on its developments and to outline insights into the circumstances and features which have facilitated its rapid spread. Taking a broadly comparative approach which draws on the somewhat earlier experience of the spread of CLTS in Asia, it identifies aspects of the institutionalisation process and circumstances, including key individuals, that have contributed to the success of the approach in Africa.

Date: 14 July 2011

CLTS at AfricaSan 3 in Rwanda

The third African Conference on Sanitation and Hygiene, AfricaSan 3, took place in Kigali, Rwanda from the 19th to the 21st July 2011. CLTS was very well represented at the conference. Dr Kamal Kar gave a lead address, a thematic session on CLTS in Africa was well attended and included more than 15 speakers from a variety of countries and organisations; and many delegates visited the CLTS exhibition stall so that publications disappeared like hotcakes.

Date: 31 May 2011

Survey of Recent Sanitation Achievement in Himachal Pradesh

In 2010, IDS commissioned a small study on the sustainability of Himachal Pradesh’s efforts in rural sanitation in the last few years. Deepak Sanan, Principal Secretary to the Government of Himachal Pradesh for the Departments of Energy, Urban Development, Town and Country Planning and Housing designed the survey and trained Pradeep Chauhan and Vinod Rana who then co-ordinated the survey work. Vinod Rana carried out the data analysis.

Date: 9 February 2011


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