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The Hunter-Gatherer process:

Hunter-gathering is a participatory process of rapidly collecting and collating information, experiences and contributions. In the two regional Africa workshops we facilitated in 2018, hunter-gatherers self-selected a sanitation topic they were most interested in championing and worked together in small self-selected groups. During the week the groups collected information by taking notes in relevant sessions, interviewing key people and informally through chatting in breaks and meals.

Hunter-Gatherer notes:

The group worked together to produce a collection of notes/short informal report (2-6 pages) by the end of the workshop. These notes are action-orientated, reflecting on what should be done moving forward and recommendations for policy and practice.

They are not meant to be polished or exhaustive, and they are not peer reviewed. They are rapid explorations into priority topics, which are written and disseminated quickly in the hope that they will trigger further conversations, debate and interest.

Please find below:

Hunter-Gatherer notes from the East and Southern Africa workshop (these have ESA at the start of the title)

Hunter-Gatherer Notes notes from the West and Central Africa workshop (these have WCA st the start of the title)