Lewis Husain is a Chinese-speaking political scientist and development expert, whose expertise is in researching and understanding institutional adaptation and processes of government innovation in China, with special reference to transformation of the rural healthcare system, (specifically rural health insurance).

Lewis has worked in/on China since 2001, when he was posted as a teacher/trainer in a small town in Yunnan Province by Voluntary Services Overseas, a UK international development charity.

Before starting his PhD (obtained in 2012), he worked in HIV/AIDS outreach for a Chinese public hospital in Shenzhen and in research and policy analysis in Beijing.

Lewis has substantial experience of desk research, fieldwork, interviewing, programme assessment and evaluation in China in both academic and civil society organisations. From 2008 to 2012, as part of his doctoral work, he carried out research on processes of institutional change in Chinese local government. He also has experience in negotiating access in complex policy and institutional environments and experience in dealing with a wide range of stakeholders, including multiple levels of Chinese government.

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