Edward Hedley has a strong personal interest in international development founded on academic study of development issues in the UK, Denmark and South-east Asia, voluntary work in Vietnam and, most recently, more than five years professional working experience in international development in South-east Asia, Asia-Pacific and Central Asia.

He has worked for a wide-range of donor and INGO projects, focussing recently on the design of theories of change, results chains and M&E frameworks for high profile interventions in private sector development, agriculture and rural finance, and in regional integration. Edward is currently offering long-term support to the Rwanda Country Programme of Trade Mark East Africa, helping Trade Mark and its Rwandan partners to strengthen their approach to monitoring and evaluation across a large portfolio of projects and to develop further the evidence base for these interventions.

In this work, Edward has developed innovative approaches to programme monitoring, including the use of ICTs and beneficiary feed-back in reporting, and has designed approaches to M&E which are attuned to the particular methodological challenges of monitoring and evaluating challenge fund and M4P-type private sector development projects, including the design and use of theory-based and quasi-experimental approaches.

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