A partnership approach

BRIDGE uses a collaborative approach throughout its work. We believe that it is important to reflect the perspectives and experiences of people working in the field, in different regions and from a variety of languages and institutional backgrounds, and to work closely with them to develop outputs and processes together. We engage in meaningful and active partnerships with community based organisations, networks, cooperatives, NGOs and INGOs, resource centres and research institutions. We believe in cross fertilisation and mutual learning from South to South and South to North collaborations.

Our approach to partnerships applies to all spheres of our work. For example:

  • Our International Advisory Committee, composed of about 20 members from many different regions and backgrounds, has an overarching function, providing BRIDGE with guidance on overall programme strategy, thematic areas of focus, regional content and influence, marketing/dissemination, networking and impact.
  • Cutting Edge Programmes: We set up working groups for each one of our Cutting Edge Programmes. Such working groups are composed of a diversity of key actors in relevant thematic areas from a variety of organisations, institutions and networks based in different geographical regions and speaking different languages. We also set up and engage Communities of Practice on each thematic area of our Cutting Edge Programmes and create interactive spaces such as e-discussions and face-to-face regional meetings.
  • Regional web platforms: we believe that our work must go beyond language barriers and we work closely with partners in Francophone countries and the Latin American region to build web platforms which contribute to contextualise our work in non-English speaking regions to make it more relevant and useful to their audiences.