Gender and Food Security Cutting Edge Pack

There is more than enough food in the world to feed everyone, but the number of people who do not have enough to eat remains unacceptably high, with disproportionate impacts on women and girls. Reversing this shocking trend must be a top priority for governments and international institutions and responses must treat food insecurity as a gender equality, rights and social justice issue.

BRIDGE is very excited to announce the launch the Gender and Food Security Cutting Edge Pack. In this pack, made up of the Overview report and In Brief , BRIDGE make the case for a new, gender-aware understanding of food security, arguing that partial, apolitical and gender-blind diagnoses of the problem of food and nutrition insecurity is leading to insufficient policy responses and the failure to realise the right to food for all people.  The pack showcases effective and promising existing strategies, for example the In Brief details the journey of two Gujarat-based women’s groups –ANANDI and Devgadh Mahila Sanghatan (DMS) – as they organise at local level and successfully advocate for gender-aware food security legislation, up to the national level.  

Other strategies show the importance of ecological sustainability and local knowledge and rights in moving beyond market-based solutions to agro-ecological modes of production that respect local knowledge of agriculture, including women’s knowledge.

The report is the result of a collaborative and participatory process, involving over 40 experts on food and nutrition security and gender from around the world. More information about the programme and its different outputs can be found on the BRIDGE Cutting Edge Programme Page. The Cutting Edge Gender and Food Security pack is available under BRIDGE publications.   

Spanish and French versions of both the In Brief and the Overview Report will be available soon on the BRIDGE publications page.