Siyanda Update: Siyanda Users’ Suggestions second half of 2009 - Issue No. 82, November 2009

Siyanda Update: Siyanda Users’ Suggestions second half of 2009 - Issue No. 82, November 2009

Publisher: BRIDGE
Publication Date: Nov 2009


In This Issue:

I. Announcing Forthcoming Changes to Siyanda
II. Quick Guide: Siyanda Users’ Suggestions second half of 2009
III. Experts' and Consultants' Database: a selection of published work from Siyanda Experts who have created Siyanda Expert profiles in the second half of 2009
IV. Contribute section: share news, resources, opportunities and perspectives

I. Announcing Forthcoming Changes to Siyanda

We take this opportunity to renew our announcement that towards the end of this year Siyanda is going to take a big step forward.

Siyanda is becoming part of something bigger and better – a completely redesigned BRIDGE website created to support gender advocacy and mainstreaming efforts of policymakers, researchers and practitioners from around the world.

We’re excited about this as:
:- By combining BRIDGE and Siyanda into a single space online we’ll be able to better serve your gender information needs
:- You’ll have more opportunities to get involved with the work of the BRIDGE programme itself
:- It’s our chance to introduce you to the exciting new products and services we’ve been working on.

We’ll be in touch closer to the time to let you know more.

The BRIDGE team

II. Quick Guide: Siyanda Users’ Suggestions from 2009
What materials have you recently suggested we should summarise? The following selection is drawn from resources recommended by Siyanda users in the second half of 2009.

- Making the Strongest Links: A Practical Guide to Mainstreaming Gender Analysis in Value Chain Development, International Labour Organization (ILO), July 2009
This guide is based on the experience of a project which focused on improving market access for women in the informal economy, specifically in the Ethiopian weaving industry.

- Steps for Action to Promote Gender Equality, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ), July 2009
This publication provides ideas of how development cooperation can take steps to transform challenges into concrete actions in gender mainstreaming, economic empowerment, women's rights, women's trafficking and violence against women.

- Where is the Money for Women’s Rights? (WITM) Compilation of Resource Mobilization Tools, AWID, June 2009
This compilation of online resources - reports, toolkits, guides and Powerpoint presentations - assists women's rights activists in fundraising, writing grant proposals and finding donors supporting different sectors and themes.

- Working towards the Network of Gender Mainstreaming Advocates in Mine Action: Advocacy Kit on Gender in Mine Action, Gender and Mine Action, June 2009
This kit aims to empower local women's grass roots organisations to advocate for gender mainstreaming in mine action in mine affected countries.

- Website: Institute of Women’s Studies at Birzeit University
The Institute of Women's Studies at Birzeit University aims to provide an academic underpinning to the debates around women's rights, gender relations and social policy in the local and regional context.

- Gender, Employment and the Informal Economy. Glossary of Terms (in English and Arabic), International Labour Organization (ILO) Regional Office for Arab States and the Centre of Arab Women for Training and Research (CAWTAR), January 2009
Presented in English and Arabic, the glossary brings clarity to the terms used around the informal economy in both languages.

- Making the Grade. A Model National Policy for the Prevention, Management and Elimination of Violence Against Girls in School (in English and French), ActionAid International and the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA), January 2007
This document sets out roles and responsibilities for the various stakeholders in the education sector in terms of prevention, identification and reporting of violence against girls, assistance for survivors, how to deal with perpetrators, the hearing of cases and capacity building.

You can find other resources suggested to us recently in Siyanda at:

The next Siyanda Update, covering December 2009 and January 2010, will focus on the 30th anniversary of CEDAW. Users are invited to suggest their resources for possible inclusion in this selection:

Please also visit the archive section to view past Quick Guide selections:

III. Resources from the Experts' and Consultants' Database: A selection of published work from Siyanda Experts who have created Siyanda Expert profiles in the second half of 2009.
The Siyanda Gender Experts' and Consultants' Database, with over 1,400 profiles, can be used as a networking tool for connecting practitioners, researchers, activists, students and experts with like-minded colleagues, persons working on similar themes, or in the same geographical location.

The database is also an excellent resource for those seeking experts for gender-focused consultancies.

Each profile contains the Expert’s contact details and areas of expertise, and highlights their publications. The following resources have been selected from experts who have created Siyanda Expert profiles in the second half of 2009.

- Opposites Don’t Attract: the Impact of Geo-Politically Motivated Aid on Gender Equality Goals in Pakistan, Khan, F., 2007
- Global Governance as neoliberal Governmentality: Gender Mainstreaming in the European Employment Strategy, in: Rai, Shirin/Waylen, Georgina (eds.) 2008: Global Governance: Feminist Perspectives, Basingstoke: Palgrave
- Um espelho embaciado. Mulheres e violências na imprensa diária portuguesa e brasileira, Santos, Rita, 2008
- D'Ippolito B. Un' altra governance per la partecipazione delle donne in Non sono cose da donne. Prospettive di genere al G8 2009, 2009
- ‘Gender, culture & development: a case study from Bolivia’, Hayes, C., March 2009
- Singh, R., Achievement Motivation of Women Entrepreneurs, 2007

For further details on these publications, copy and paste or type the author's last name into either the Name or Search Words field on the Experts' and Consultants' search page:

- Enter your details in the database:

- Or edit your existing profile: (using your user name and password)

- Search the database:

IV. Contribute section
Share your news, resources, opportunities and perspectives in the following ways:

Post your announcements, information requests, training and funding opportunities:

Submit your publications for inclusion in our database, or suggest other resources:

Post your short pieces of work in the Users' Corner:

(All summaries in the update are written or adapted by BRIDGE Team members. This update was edited by Paola Brambilla)

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