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IAEG-SDG — SDG Indicators

Publication Date: Sep 2015

The Inter-agency and Expert Group on Sustainable Development Goal Indicators (IAEG-SDGS) conducted an open consultation on the development of a global indicator framework for the Sustainable Development Goals with all countries, regional and international agencies, civil society, academia and the private sector.
This resource comprises a summary of all comments received. 
It includes suggestions for modifications to indicators, replacement and additional indicators and other proposals or inputs provided by all countries, regional and international agencies, civil society organisations and other development actors, including the private sector, to adjust or modify the proposed indicator so that it can monitor more appropriately for better monitoring of each target. 
For example, under Goal 5, Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls, the proposed (August 11) indicator for target 5.1 is “Whether or not legal frameworks are in place to promote equality and non-discrimination on the basis of sex”.  A suggested replacement to this is “Ratio of female wages to male wages for similar work, by sector/ industry”. One of the additional comments in response to the proposed indicator is that it measures means, not results – legal frameworks do not guarantee that the target is met and as such the indicator should be replaced with one that will measure actual results about discrimination. 
Through the webpage it is also possible to access the inputs from both IAEG-SDGS members and observers as well as from civil society, academia and the private sector in details.