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Women’s Major Group Indicator Proposals

Publisher: Women's Major Group
Publication Date: Aug 2015

This resource presents the Women’s Major Group’s recommendations for SDG indicators. One or more indicators has been proposed for each of the targets by a variety of organisations and constituencies including UN Women, APWLD, JAG, Stakeholder Group on Aging and many others. On an overarching basis the Women's Major Group puts forth that the global indicator framework for the SDG goals and targets must measure the factors that are most likely to lead to transformative change and the realisation of gender equality and human rights and that:

  • Gender-differentiated statistics and indicators must be collected in order to measure gender gaps and adjust development programmes to rectify inequalities.
  • At a minimum, data should be disaggregated on the basis of age, sex, geography, income, disability, race and ethnicity.
  • Even though some indicators are measured by household the data collected for those indicators should still be disaggregated – it is important to know how the household is comprised.
  • The number of indicators should not be arbitrarily limited.
  • Indicators must comply with and promote current human rights standards.
  • There must be scope to elaborate on the indicator framework in the coming years in order to adapt to changing development environments.

The Group also supports the calls of many that there be increased efforts aimed at capacity-building and supporting national and international statistics offices in the collection and analysis of data. This should include gender-expertise and improved resourcing for independent civil society participation in monitoring frameworks and providing inputs throughout the indicator development process.