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Policy recommendations: financing for development

Publisher: African Women's Development & Communication Network
Publication Date: Jan 2015

This short briefing contains recommendations on financing for development from representatives of African women's rights organisations, trade unions and civil society organisations. Ahead of the Third International Conference on Financing for Development in July 2015, the briefing calls for models of financing underpinned by principles of economic and social justice with a gender responsive approach.

The briefing makes a series of demands and recommendations, including calling for:

  • A global partnership rooted in social justice, equality, mutual interest and respect for the ability of Africans to take charge of their own development.
  • An end to illicit financial flows; specifically unfair trade regulations, loss of resources through taxation rules and foreign investment that leads to eviction, land grabs and monoculture.
  • Progressive taxation systems that support the welfare of citizens and gender sensitive tax reforms.
  • Sustainable funding for development initiatives driven by a feminist agenda.
  • Gender auditing of international, regional, state and devolved government budgets.
  • Eradication of all taxes on essential reproductive health commodities and services.
  • The engendering of industrialisation - promoting better work, decent pay and better working conditions for women.