Gender and Care: Overview Report

Author: E. Esplen
Publisher: Institute of Development Studies UK
Publication Date: Feb 2009
Providing care can be both a source of fulfilment and a terrible burden. For women and girls in particular, their socially prescribed role as carers can undermine their rights and limit their opportunities, capabilities and choices - posing a fundamental obstacle to gender equality and well-being. How can we move towards a world in which individuals and society recognise and value the importance of different forms of care, but without reinforcing care work as something that only women can or should do? This Cutting Edge Pack hopes to inspire thinking on this fundamental question - with an Overview Report outlining why care is important and exploring which approaches offer the best prospects for change, a Supporting Resources Collection providing summaries of key texts, tools, case studies and contacts of organisations in this field, and a Gender and Development In Brief newsletter with three short articles on the theme.