Towards Gender-Just Food and Nutrition Security: Policy Brief

Author: Alyson Brody (ed)
Publisher: Institute of Development Studies, Sussex [ES]
Publication Date: Mar 2016

Food and nutrition insecurity is a gender justice issue. As a direct result of gender inequality over 60 per cent of the hungry are women and girls. They are also most disadvantaged by the inequitable processes that govern food systems at local, national and international levels. Yet too often gender is not integral to the way food and nutrition insecurity is framed, or to the development of solutions.

This Policy Brief draws on recent evidence to explore the unequal gender power relations which create and perpetuate experiences of food and nutrition insecurity. It examines current policy directions on hunger and malnutrition through a critical gender lens. It goes on to consider how gender-just solutions to food and nutrition insecurity can be created that promote gender equality and women’s empowerment, and alleviate hunger and malnutrition for all.