BRIDGE Bibliographies provide a brief overview of a priority area identirifying the main themes, debates and actors. This is followed by a selection of key resources published on this issue with a useful summary and link to the resource. The Networking and Contact Details section provides a short summary and contact details of key organisations working in this area. Bibliographies are a particularly useful tool for those wishing to research more around a particular issue.

Bibliographies (38)
Author(s): E. Esplen, BRIDGE, Jan 2007
HIV/AIDS is both driven by and entrenches gender inequality, leaving women more vulnerable than men to its impact. This report - consisting of an overview, annotated bibliography, and contacts section - considers the specific challenges faced by women and girls who are living with HIV and AIDS.... Find out more
Author(s): E. Esplen, S. Heerah, C. Hunter, Institute of Development Studies UK, May 2006
What is 'women's empowerment' and how can we measure it? How is the concept being used in policy and practice and what are the problems with existing approaches? This bibliography gathers together a range of resources which discuss women's empowerment from different perspectives in order to provide... Find out more
Author(s): L. Narayanaswamy, C. Sever, Institute of Development Studies UK, Jan 2006
Over the past few years, greater understanding of the links between gender and trade has led to increased research and advocacy around the impact of trade policies on gender relations. Development policies and interventions at the macro, meso and micro levels are beginning to address the gendered... Find out more
Author(s): Paola Brambilla (ed), , Jan 2006
This paper presents twenty recent writings in French which provide a variety of gender specific information. They come from feminist, academic and activist sources and are categorised into three main groups: resources from Northern-based organisations, resources from Southern-based organisations,... Find out more
Author(s): , BRIDGE, Jan 2006
This paper lists twenty websites in French which provide a variety of information on gender. These include sites from southern and northern based organisations and multilateral organisations who are involved in gender equality work and advocating for women's rights. A short summary is given in both... Find out more
Author(s): E. Esplen, Siyanda, Jan 2006

In various settings, small numbers of men and boys are changing their attitudes and behaviour towards women - supporting opportunities for women to earn an income outside the home, or speaking out against gender-based violence, for example. What makes this kind of resistance to rigid views of... Find out more

Author(s): Y. Feng, Institute of Development Studies UK, Dec 2005
What are the key gender websites in Chinese? This paper provides an initial selection of twenty sites, made by Beijing gender activist and journalist Feng Yuan. These include official, academic and activist sites from mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong and the Chinese diaspora. A broad range of... Find out more
Author(s): S. Jolly, Institute of Development Studies UK, Oct 2005
This collection is made up of summaries of overviews, case studies, tools and guidelines and other materials relating to gender and migration. Details of how to obtain copies or download the full texts are provided with each summary. Materials are featured which look at gender aspects of both... Find out more
Author(s): R. Al-Zu'bi, S. Jolly, L. Narayanaswamy, Institute of Development Studies UK, Sep 2004

Mainstream perceptions of new information and communication technologies (ICTs), especially the Internet, are invariably positive, where barriers are understood to be technical rather than social. The reality is that the use of ICTs is governed by existing power relations, and vast numbers of... Find out more

Author(s): C. Sever, Institute of Development Studies UK, Jan 2004
Citizenship is an abstract concept and therefore great care must be taken in explaining what it means in practice and what can effectively be done in the context of development interventions and policy. Development projects which enhance the ability of marginalised groups to access and influence... Find out more