BRIDGE Bibliography 9: Women's and gender budgets: an annotated resource list

Author: Hazel Reeves, Heike Wach
Publisher: BRIDGE
Publication Date: Jan 1999
At the macroeconomic level, public expenditure decisions have been shown to be 'gender-blind' and disadvantage women. Efforts to engender national budgets can be either initiated from within government or outside government, but most have come from outside. South Africa's national level Women's Budget experience has provided inspiration to other countries in the region and globally. South Africa and Australia have also demonstrated consistent activity at provincial level, but little has been done at local level, although this is now shifting. Few specific institutional examples are identified, however multilateral (e.g. World Bank) and bilateral agencies (e.g. Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development - Development Assistance Committee (OECD-DAC)) are showing a growing interest. Some public and private sector organisations are developing procedures for social and gender audits, but to date they have not paid much attention to budgeting. This bibliography collates resources under headings of conceptual frameworks and the budget process, country initiatives, institutional initiatives, and useful individual and organisation contacts. It also points to great scope for further research into this emerging field.