Building Credibility - The Foundation for Fundraising

Author: E. W. Wilson
Publisher: ITDG Publishing, London
Publication Date: Sep 2001
How can women's organisations raise funds? This book is the first of a three-part series that helps readers through the practicalities of attracting financial support. This volume focuses on the importance of building credibility as an organisation. The next two volumes look at building structures and skills for fundraising, and devising fundraising programs to attract community support. Many groups often overlook the possibility of fundraising from community members. This is despite the fact that new ways of raising money are continuously being sought. Many organisations also assume that since the cause for which they work is good, they will automatically attract financial support. However, certain other assets are also necessary such as having a good public image and reputation, a sound track record, and a clear and accountable financial management and organisational structure. 'Building Credibility' is particularly targeted at small organisations who have now reached a stage where they need to expand.