Global Development Network (GDN) Toolkit: Proposal Writing and Fundraising

Author: C. Galvin
Publisher: Global Development Network
Publication Date: Sep 2005
This toolkit provides tips and practical suggestions for applying for funding for social science researchers and institutions. Based on interviews with experienced fundraisers, it advises on the need to choose the right donor, to be realistic about the amount asked for and how important it is not to spend time trying to make your proposal fit a funder when it clearly doesn't. Sending in an executive summary to gauge interest is recommended. The toolkit underlines the need to be clear about what your organisation does and its strategy. Proposals should be concise, structured and jargon free and also convey enthusiasm. For budgets, the toolkit suggests that costings be detailed and justified and also take into account potential price rises between time of submission and getting started. It will also be important to demonstrate that your organisation will be accountable and transparent about the use of funds. In general, it is suggested that organisations keep in mind funding trends and find out how rigid or flexible funding procedures are for potential donors.