BRIDGE Bibliography 11: Gender and Governance: A Bibliography

Author: E. Bell
Publisher: Institute of Development Studies UK
Publication Date: Jan 2001
This bibliography provides a wide range of references for reports, academic articles and other materials on gender and governance. Section One lists overview texts on good governance and the role of the state. Section Two provides references for donor policy documents. The remainder of the bibliography is organised to reflect three key areas of good governance: effective public management; government accountability; and rights, policy and the rule of law. Effective public management refers to how different types of political regimes and institutions shape gender roles and identities, as well as how to make institutions more gender sensitive. Government accountability includes civil society activism, women's representation in politics at the national and local level and the effect of decentralisation processes on gender issues. Rights policy and the rule of the law covers the construction of gender roles and identities under state, international and customary laws and policies.