BRIDGE Bibliography 10: Gender Equality in Education: A Select Annotated Bibliography

Author: D. Furlong, L. Hulton
Publisher: Institute of Development Studies UK
Publication Date: Jan 2001
Aiming to be a practical and useful document for DFID education advisers and those responsible for the implementation of education programmes and projects, in striving towards the international goal of removing gender gaps in education by the year 2005, this bibliography presents a wide range of gender and education materials. In so doing, it acknowledges the increasing awareness of the need to view girls' education as a holistic process. Entries are grouped into nine themes: factors contributing to gender gaps in formal education; formal education and women's empowerment; curriculum reform and the learning environment; gender and mathematics, science and technology; teacher education and school management; non-formal education, adult literacy and informal training; government and donor approaches to mainstreaming gender in education; guidelines for monitoring and evaluation of gender and education; and good practices and lessons learned. There is also supporting resources information of websites, networks, and databases related to this rapidly evolving field.