Publisher: Siyanda
Publication Date: Jan 2006
Where can women go for funding support for study, research and training? Many users of the BRIDGE-hosted gender web resource, Siyanda, have asked this question. This resource seeks to address this gap in knowledge by providing a compilation of a selection of study grants, scholarships and fellowships available around the world. Brief information is given on each funding opportunity and website links provided. 2006 deadlines are stated where applicable. The first section, 'Scholarships for Women', is categorised into different regions: International, Africa, Asia, Latin America and North America. The second section covers 'Scholarships in General'. The scholarships cover a wide range of subjects: human rights, sexuality, gender and development, through to politics and the life sciences. The level of study is also broad. It spans undergraduate, postgraduate, doctorate levels and training. Online databases of scholarships are also included in this resource.