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Tamsila Tauqir, one of the founding members and director of Safra Project, talks about their work to empower Muslim lesbian, bisexual and trans (Muslim LBT) women to deal with the issues they face resulting from their sexual orientation and/or gender identity within the context of their ethnic, cultural and religious background; to raise awareness on the needs of and issues relating to Muslim LBT women in order to make service provision accessible and appropriate; and to eliminate prejudice and discrimination experienced by Muslim LBT women and to promote diversity.

Tauqir, T.
Muslima (2016)

This paper suggests LGBTQ Muslims in the United States face significant challenges, including a nationwide anti-Muslim bigotry that touches the lives of all Muslims. However the writer suggests there is a growing movement to create inclusive communities for LGBTQ Muslims and their allies, and this article addresses equality in four areas.

The Human Rights Campaign (2015)

This paper explores South African people's experiences of being both Zulu and Gay. It challenges the notion that sexuality or ethnic identities are fixed categories, and reveals how this particular group of men re-interpret traditional Zulu ethnicity and African/Zulu culture in contemporary KwaZulu-Natal.

Rudwick, S.
Nordic Journal of African Studies (2014)

Tamale argues that the current wave of anti-homosexuality laws sweeping across the African continent is part of a thinly veiled and wider political attempt to entrench repressive and undemocratic regimes. The author examines the claim that anything can be un-African and shows that it is inherently incorrect.

Tamale, S.
Aljazeera America (2014)

This paper starts with the statement, that it is important to clarify two important terms which often get used perhaps unreflectively in labeling those who engage in same-sex relations: gay and homosexual. It offers an explanation of the derivation and meaning of the words, and goes on to explore terminology through insightful case studies.

Msibi, T.
Africa Today (2011)

This World Council of Churches manual presents their views on men as partners, and promoting positive masculinities.

Sheerattan-Bisnauth, P. and Vinod Peacock, P.
MenEngage (2010)

In this article the Reverand Chris Glaser suggests what’s important for Christians to know is that Jesus never condemned homosexuality.

Glaser, C.
The Human Rights Campaign (2006)

This article examines some of Islam's teachings in the area of human sexuality, marriage and reproductive rights.

Kaltner, J.
Explorefaith.org (2006)