These activities are designed for faith leaders to use with discussion groups from their congregation. They encourage exploration and reflection on different ways to think about sexuality and gender diversity.

Activity 1: Binaries and boxes (45 minutes)

This activity aims to get the group thinking about the differences between sex, gender identities, sexual orientation and sexual practices by helping to break down stereotypes. It uses a variety of terms and questions to provoke group discussion and help show that the binaries and boxes used to categorise people are limiting and harmful.

Download the pdf of this exercise

Activity 2: Transforming the status quo (90 minutes)

This activity helps facilitate individual and group reflection with the expectation that participants will commit to concrete actions in the personal, congregational, and political arenas to create a loving place in which our LGBTI families can thrive. It involves participants reflecting on questions individually and then working in small groups. They are encouraged to think about their personal journey, the journey of the congregation and the journey of the wider community.

Download the pdf of this exercise