About the toolkit

The toolkit is managed by members of the Sexuality, Poverty and Law Programme at the Institute for Development Studies (IDS) and was designed in consultation with our partners and friends of the Programme. It builds on the strong tradition of work on Sexuality and Development at IDS and on the experience and knowledge of IDS staff and partners.

This toolkit is designed to be an accessible, user-friendly resource to assist activists, civil society organisations, practitioners and others in understanding some of the most pressing issues relating to sexuality and social justice and acting to effect positive change.

The content is currently available in English and the information is presented in a range of formats. The content of this toolkit can be downloaded as a pdf for emailing and printing.

Throughout this toolkit, we refer to a set of publications from the Sexuality, Poverty and Law (SPL) Programme. Alongside our colleagues and members at IDS, the SPL Programme has worked with partners in India, Nepal, Cambodia, China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Brazil, Egypt, Ethiopia, Uganda and South Africa. In each case, the authors have identified their own sexuality-related issue and together, the case studies and policy audits begin to build the broad evidence base needed to assess the relationship between sexuality, policy, law and people’s livelihoods. This body of evidence will continue to grow and diversify as the programme develops.