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Emerging Evidence, Lessons and Practice in Comprehensive Sexuality Education - A Global Review 2015
UNESCO (2016)

This report argues that Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) leads to improved sexual and reproductive health, promotes gender equality and equitable social norms, and has a positive impact on safer sexual behaviours, delaying sexual debut and increasing condom use.

A Critical Analysis of Public Policies on Education and LGBT Rights in Brazil
Mountian, I.
Institute of Development Studies (IDS) (2014)
  • A clearly supported strategy is needed against homophobia and sexism in educational policies and the national curriculum.
  • There is a need to articulate and strengthen the intersectionality between educational policies against homophobia with other public policies, such as poverty reduction, work, health and others.
  • Long-term policies against homophobia should be developed.
  • There is a need to acknowledge and develop strategies to tackle local resistance to policy implementation.
  • Resources are required to support staff promoting equality (information, workshops, protection from abuse, permanent forums).

This report presents an analysis of public education policies in Braziland considers where these policies intersect with programmes aimed at preventing and reducing discrimination and violence against LGBT people.

A critical analysis of public policies on education and LGBT rights in Brazil
Mountain, I.
IDS (2013)

This audit analyses key aspects of public policies in education and sexuality in Brazil, which have been designed as part of the wider programme Brazil Without Homophobia (BWH – Programa Brasil sem Homofobia), launched in 2004. Tackling homophobia and its cultural and social effects has been highlighted by a number of authors as an important policy strategy.

Policy audit: A heteronormative audit of RMSA - a higher education programme in Indian schools
IDS (2013)

This report shares the findings of a sexuality and gender audit of a national government programme to strengthen secondary school education in India.

Practical guides

Homophobic bullying

Work on homophobic and transphobic bullying in schools

This is abuse discussion guide
UK Home Office (2013)

This discussion guide has been produced for use by organisations working with young people. It aims to support work aimed at preventing teenagers from becoming perpetrators and victims in abusive relationships.

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