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June 2016
Cheryl Overs
Beki Aby is a leader in the LGBT community in Ethiopia. In 2013 he co-founded DANA Social Club, an informal collective that advocates for LGBT rights and provides members with support and information. Cheryl Overs, at the Institute of Development Studies, interviews him about the situation in Ethiopia which to date has not been ‘on the radar’ of international organisations and activists.
May 2016
Stephen Wood
The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Global LGBT Rights (APPG LGBT) has published its first wide-ranging report on the UK Government’s thinking and their proposed activities to address a complex and at times intractable subject. Stephen Wood draws out some of the promising developments and highlights areas where we need a further push for clarity and practical action.
Sculpture of the word justice
March 2016
Kay Lalor
This blog post by Kay Lalor explores the recently published IDS Edited Collection and why the material context of the law matters in sexuality and social justice.
Mural of scales and books on a law building
March 2016
Arturo Sánchez García, Elizabeth Mills, Kay Lalor
Elizabeth Mills, Arturo Sánchez García and Kay Lalor introduce the Gender, Sexuality and Social Justice Edited Collection which features over 30 articles, photo-essays, interviews and thought pieces on gender and sexuality from over 20 countries around the world.
Helena sings on stage
December 2015
Live and original production exploring expectations around love and sex, and responsibility in relationships is also unveiled.
Pope Francis waves in 2013
December 2015
Pauline Oosterhoff
If Pope Francis’s mission is to push for an end to violence and for peace and reconciliation, sex education and sexual violence need to be high on his agenda argues Pauline Oosterhoff.
Visualisation of respondents perceptions of themselves in the workplace
November 2015
Simon Colmer
This post reflects on the visualisation techniques used to explore responses from an online survey conducted as part of IDS and CCHI research on Transgender peoples and livelihood options in Vietnam. It shares learning on the complex process.
November 2015
Arno Peeters, Iris Honderos
The first ‘milestone’ of the Love Matters Awards has now been reached. 15 songs have been recorded on video and uploaded to YouTube where the competition will continue. So how did they get there? Arno Peeters and Iris Honderos explain.
Checking the lyrics on day 2
November 2015
Arno Peeters, Iris Honderos
The first Love Matters Music Award provide young people in Kenya with the chance to produce songs and performances on themes related to pleasure, and sexuality. Here facilitators Arno Peeters and Iris Honderos, report on the workshop coaching process so far.
Love locks (padlocks) on the Butcher's Bridge in Ljubljana, Slovenia
October 2015
Elizabeth Mills
Elizabeth Mills explores her recent report on the Sustainable Development Goal framework and the evidence base for action on gender and sexuality. She highlights the importance of language, evidence from the Sexuality, Poverty and Law Programme and the roles of international institutions and the UK government.
A worker lies on the ground with a yellow hard hat on their face
August 2015
Pauline Oosterhoff, Tu-Anh Hoang
Pauline Oosterhoff and Tu-Anh Hoang reflect on their ongoing research on the livelihood options of transgender people in Vietnam and the diversity it is showing in the transgender population.
LGBTI rainbow flag in colour being pulled over a black and white street
July 2015
Stephen Wood
Stephen Wood writes about the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) conference in Melbourne were he spoke on a panel entitled 'Gender and sexual diversity: why should development agencies care?'
Photographer: © European Union, 2014 – European Parliament
May 2015
Cheryl Overs, Stephen Wood

To mark International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (IDAHOT), Stephen Wood interviews Cheryl Overs to discuss the post-publication implications of her report on Ethiopian MSM communities and responses to it's findings in the community.

Handwashing by members of the UNICEF and AJCOM team
April 2015
Elizabeth Mills
Elizabeth Mills explores a series of papers from IDS on Ebola which have attempted to draw out lessons to guide practical action to go beyond the immediate demands of the reponse and start tackling the structural dynamics of inequality and violence that have fueled the spread of the disease.
Protest to demand action on a National Strategic Plan on GBV in South Africa
March 2015
Elizabeth Mills, Thea Shahrokh
Thea Shahrokh and Elizabeth Mills argue that commitments and targets for ending sexual and gender-based violence are not enough if not connected to political processes of change.
Barrister's Wig
March 2015
Elizabeth Mills
Elizabeth Mills reflects on the international Sexuality and Social Justice Symposium: What’s law got to do with it? The participants, representing over 16 countries from six continents, represent a global groundswell to think harder, better, bolder about ways to work with the law to bring about social justice.
Street art in support of LGBT people at Sochi's Winter Okympics by ida4. Newcastle, UK
February 2015
Alison Carney , Elizabeth Mills
To mark the opening of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, Alison Carney and Elizabeth Mills explore how the Olympics have brought to centre stage the growing number of repressive laws and acts of violence in Russia against individuals on the basis of their sexuality.
ILGA 2014 logo
December 2014
Cheryl Overs
Cheryl Overs reflects on the Annual Global Conference of the International Gay and Lesbian Association conference in Mexico City where 500 activists, academics and policy makers talked about forms of colonisation and how to identify, resist and defy it.
A hand making a basket in Ulu Papar, Malaysia
October 2014
Cheryl Overs
In this blog post Cheryl Overs argues that in very low income countries it is crucial to work out what ‘economic empowerment’ of sex workers means, identify the policies and programmes that can achieve it and get them in to place at scale.
Black and white photo of someone scrolls social media on a smart phone
October 2014
Stephen Wood
Stephen Wood looks at the potential for online spaces to foster strong communities and civic participation amongst those facing discrimination as a consequence of their sexual identities and warns that we ignore the online 'air war' at our peril.