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Time to think positive about sexual and reproductive health and rights?


Aimed at policymakers, donors and practitioners working in health and beyond, this Eldis Health key issues guide reviews current policy issues and explores cutting-edge debates relating to sexual and reproductive health and rights. It also highlights current and future challenges for attaining greater levels of sexual and reproductive well-being, and considers the role of innovative technologies and approaches in achieving sexual and reproductive health and rights for all.

Co-authored by Susie Jolly (BRIDGE gender and development information service) and Andrea Cornwall (IDS Fellow in Participation Group) with input from Hilary Standing (Director of the Realising Rights RPC), it features summaries of key readings, with links to core documents and further resources.

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Issues covered by the guide include:

* What is meant by sexual and reproductive health and rights?
* Why SRHR is crucial for meeting international development targets
* Obstacles to realising SRHR: the rise of conservatism
* Talking about pleasure in relation to SRHR
* A more positive approach: linking sexuality, health and human rights