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Realising Rights are delighted to help media professionals access the latest news and resources from our research as quickly and easily as possible. We are also happy to field spokespeople and to offer technical input to news stories.

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Realising Rights in the News

Our partners APHRC in Kenya have been working with the makers of African drama Mukatano Junction on a storyline about abortion. This was aired in February, and they also helped produce a follow up information comic on the issue that viewers could request. The response from viewers was very positive with over 1000 texting in to the programme.
>> Read the comic

Abortion in Ghana
Coverage of our workshop 'Enforcement of Reproductive rights Laws and Policies' was picked up by Ghanaweb. In the article Nana Oye argues that legal abortion and family planning should be factored into the National Health Insurance Scheme to reduce the maternal mortality rate in Ghana.


Focus on access to basic services
Our colleagues in Kenya have been featured in a number of news stories on sanitation and access to healthcare in urban areas.
>> Interview with Dr. Alex Ezeh on water and sanitation problems in slums, Inter-press Service News Agency
>> Interview with Dr. Eliya Zulu on Healthcare hurdles in Nairobi slums with IRIN news
>> Article Published in Kenya’s Daily Nation on Disease Burden among the urban poor


Reproductive health issues in the news in Kenya
Rose Oronje from the African Population and Health Research Center placed an article with the Inter Press Service News Agency - 'Women's Choices Change Cities'.


Africa faces daunting challenges in improving its population well-being
Research from our partners in Kenya and the Population Reference Bureau shows that even as African women use family planning more and bear fewer children, the continent’s youthful population will fuel the continent’s growth for many decades to come.
>> Read the 2008 Africa Population Data Sheet (pdf)
>> Media briefing available (pdf)


Work with informal providers of healthcare in the news in Bangladesh
Read newspaper coverage, in Bangla, of BRAC's workshop on formal and informal providers of sexual reproductive health services.


Launch of the Global Mapping of Pleasure
We are pleased to announce the launch of the mapping at the International AIDS Conference in Mexico. More information for the media...


Abortion in the news
Unsafe abortion has had a high profile in the UK in recent weeks due to proposed changes to domestic legislation. A Realising Rights' letter to the Guardian Editor focussed on the international situation. The Realising Rights letter to the Guardian on unsafe abortion was picked up by our local paper the Evening Argus.


Media Prizes!
As a way of increasing the quality and quantity of media coverage of research, as well as interesting journalists in reporting on research, APHRC sponsored two journalist awards. Read more...


BRAC university School of Public health host international workshop on Gender and Sexuality.
"I think it is also important to challenge and inspire people, to rethink and push boundaries." Dr. Sabina Faiz Rashid, RPC Coordinator and Assistant Professor at BRAC University.

To read media coverage please see the article in Star Weekend Magazine or The News Today.


February 2007, Domestic Violence Bill passed in Ghana, source Ghana News Agency more...


A recent WHO bulletin included an article by our Ghana partners, INDEPTH Network, on 'The Navrongo experiment in Ghana'.


World Health Day 2007
International Health Security is the theme on 7 April.

Dr Hilary Standing, Director of Realising Rights is one of the contributors to the IDS World Health Day podcast, highlighting the issue of unsafe abortion. Listen here


Unsafe abortion in the news
Unsafe abortion highlighted in 'The Economist'. More...


Realising Rights at Events

Realising Rights is engaged in a project to study strategies for getting our research into policy and practice. In May 2009 an international conference was held at Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine to share experiences.
>> Download all the resources from the Liverpool meeting on influencing policy and practice
>> Find out more about how Realising Rights academics and communications professionals are engaged in influencing
>> Read a 4 page report on our meeting on research, policy and practice (pdf)


Eram Cooper and Shuborna Camellia, researchers from the James P grant School of Public Health, BRAC University attended the  '3rd National Course on Violence Against Women and Role of health Care Providers' in Mumbai, India.
>> read the meeting report


APHRC held a Realising Rights Writing Workshop in Nairobi in November, 2008. Ten early career researchers working on sexual and reproductive health, attended including 2 from Bangladesh, 3 from Ghana, 1 from Ethiopia, 3 from Kenya and 1 from Malawi. Participants said found the workshop a useful source of motivation and encouragement
towards writing and publishing.
>> Read the workshop report


Meeting on the political economy of sex work
Despite various conferences and declarations reliable research and policy analysis of sex work and prostitution as a gender, development, human rights and public health issue is lacking. Later this month IDS will host a meeting to begin the process of planning ways to forge links between academics, policy analysts and sex workers.


Realising Rights at the International AIDS Conference in Mexico
The conference saw the official launch of the Global Mapping of Pleasure. To find out more read the press release (pdf).
Discover what other sessions we were involved in.
Read news from the conference on the STEPS Centre blog.
Read the presentation given by Jerker Edstrom of the Institute of Development Studies at the MenEngage satellite or a summary of the session (pdf). Read news from the conference on the STEPS Centre blog.


Study on sexual and reproductive health concerns of married men and access to services in rural Bangladesh
Realising Rights partner, Dr. Farah Mahjabeen, has provided an update on BRAC's work around men's sexual health and informal health care providers. BRAC will be communicating this research through a series of workshops with formal and informal health care providers.


"Politicising Masculinities: Beyond the Personal".
During October 2007, a diverse mix of people came together in
Dakar, Senegal, to debate issues of men, gender and power:
unconventional practical academics, open-minded policymakers,
reflective practitioners and activists. Read the report here.

The Realising Rights RPC was well represented at the 5th African Population Conference: Emerging Issues in Population and Development, held in Arusha, Tanzania from 10-14th December 2007. APHRC organized the meeting in conjunction with the Union for African Population Studies (UAPS) and the Ministry of Planning and Economic Empowerment of the United Republic of Tanzania. Dr Eliya Zulu, Deputy Director of APHRC, is the President of UAPS and delivered an opening speech to over 900 conference delegates from many countries. Click here for conference report, photos and copies of the presentations.


Realising Rights organised a panel session at the Marie Stopes International Global Safe Abortion Conference in London 23 & 24 October 2007.

Listen to the interview about unsafe abortion on Network Africa, BBC World Service by Reproductive Health and Rights Alliance (RHRA), Kenya partipants in the Realising Rights panel. listen

Kaosar Afsana and Hilary Standing represented the Realising Rights RPC at the Women Deliver conference on maternal health in London on 18 October. They presented at a session called 'Improving women's lives in Bangladesh: Experiences of BWHC and BRAC'


5th African Population Conference: Emerging Issues in Population and Development, Arusha, Tanzania 10-14th December 2007

The Realising Rights RPC was very well represented at the 5th African Population Conference. Click here for Conference report...

Link to Eliya Zulu, Deputy Director of APHRC, opening speech

Link to Hilary Standing, Director of Realising Rights presentation

Link to Ayaga Bawah's, INDEPTH presentation

Link to John Cleland, LSHTM presentation

Link to Eliya Zulu's, APHRC presentation

Link to Sabina Faiz Rashid's BRAC presentation


On 26th June Jo Crichton, of APHRC, attended an abortion tribunal in Nairobi .


The Realising Rights RPC organised a well attended and lively panel session on Gender and Health at the 5th European Congress on Tropical Medicine and International Health, May 24–28, 2007 in Amsterdam

Chaired by Sally Theobald, the panel focused on abortion as a gender and health equity issue. Hilary Standing gave a keynote presentation setting the scene on why unsafe abortion is such an important issue from a gender perspective. Claudia Surjadjaja, who has just completed her doctorate at the LSHTM, spoke on her research on policy analysis of abortion law reform, the dynamics of state power and women’s rights in Indonesia. She was followed by two recent graduates of BRAC University School of Public Health’s MPH programme. Nangmo Hom presented her research findings on the quality of service delivery in clinics providing menstrual regulation services in Bangladesh. Amit Bhandari presented his research findings on barriers in access to safe abortion services: perspectives of potential clients of a hilly district of Nepal.


January 2007 saw the launch of a new report by the UK All Parliamentary Group on Population, Development and Reproductive Health - Return of the population growth factor >>

Dr Hilary Standing, Director of Realising Rights and RPC researchers contributed to the parliamentary hearings which informed this report and is quoted on the IDS website. more...