The Realising Rights programme is managed by a small team based at IDS. The team includes:

•  Hilary Standing (Director)

•  Jas Vaghadia (Programme Co-ordinator)

The team are supported by IDS management, communications and administrative capacity and infrastructure, and work closely with partner representatives and other colleagues in other partner organisations.
Collaborative work between partners includes:

•  Joint research development, including proposal writing

•  Teaching and training, including short courses for policy audiences, curriculum development for postgraduate programmes

•  Personnel exchanges

•  Experience sharing events using existing institutional links and networks

•  Workshops, seminars and other learning events which promote policy influence.

Advisory and steering groups

The Consortium has an Advisory Group (CAG) of 10 members, both external and internal, drawn from the policy and research worlds, and with representation from the regions where research is planned. The CAG provides support to the programme on strategic direction, quality assurance and influencing the wider policy environment. It meets annually.

The Steering Group has representation from each partner organisation. Together with the advisory group, this is responsible for oversight of programme planning, approving major research and dissemination activities and other key operational decisions.

Research themes have convenors who take responsibility for facilitating research development and capacity strengthening in the key thematic areas.