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A collection of articles reflecting on Pathways' experience of conducting specific research on women's empowerment in Bangladesh, Egypt, Ghana, Brazil, and Palestine has been published in the Women's Studies International Forum.

Pathways researchers used a diversity of methods and methodological approaches to conduct their work, including: comparative sectoral studies, in-depth ethnographic case studies, large scale surveys, participatory workshops, life history narratives, and digital photography.

This volume emerged out of a desire to reflect from experience on how feminist activists and scholars based in the global South researching women's empowerment are engaging with: a) the politics of choosing a methodology to research empowerment; b) practical difficulties in employing feminist methodology in the field and the tensions between academic and activist analysis in this regard; c) the ethical dilemmas that arise from how power operates across multiple divides (including class, caste, race, gender, ethnicity, and location) in the research process; d) the need for methodological innovation; and e) the difficulties in capturing the nature of transformation that takes place in conducting research on empowerment.

Women's Studies International Forum, Vol. 45, Special Section on Researching Women's Empowerment: Reflections on Methodology



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