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In late May around 60 gender academics and activists met together at IDS situated in the lovely Sussex countyside to debate what next for women's empowerment beyond 2015? The conversations were framed within presentations of the findings of the Pathways of Women's Empowerment programme. 

Some of the key messages were the need for a recognition of the importance of women's organising in creating change and a need to address the implications of global capitalism on women's empowerment. There were also key debates on citizenship and state responsibility for gender justice. A full report from the conference will be published shortly together with a podcast, but in the meantime here is the storify from the event to give you a flavour of the conversations.

Beyond 2015: Pathways to a Gender Just World Day 1 featuring sessions on where we are now and where we have come from; informal cultural norms and exclusionary practices; and creating critical consciousness

Beyond 2015: Pathways to a Gender Just World Day 2 featuring sessions on laws, policies and state practices, women's collective organising and securing resources and decent livelihoods