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    Conceptualizing Empowerment: A Look At Public Policy For Women In Brazil

    The debate on women's empowerment in Brazil focuses primarily on the difficulty of articulating consensus around issues regarding gender equity. This is especially true regarding the formulation of strategic policies for the eradication of inequality through enlarging women's access to resources and political power. For many Brazilian feminists, “empowerment” is directly associated with international development agencies such as the World Bank. Thus it is seen as a “de-politicized” term imposed by theoretical and political “fashion” and alien to the objectives of real change toward a more equitable society. …

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    Relações De Gênero: Uma Breve Introdução Ao Tema

    This report come from NEIM's work on women's empowerment and gender which demonstrated that advances in women's empowerment in Latin America does not benefit all women in the same way or to the same degree. Along with sexism, other matrices of domination, such as racism, classism, ageism and lesbophobia intersect to give rise to profound social inequalities among women placed at different intersections. These differences produce inequalities in women’s paths to empowerment. …

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    Conceptualising Empowerment - A Look at Public Policy for Women in Brazil

    This Project aimed to identify and analyse conceptualisations of empowerment in Brazil underlying public policies for women. The project looked, in particular, at the Pro Gender Equality Programme (Programa Pró-Eqüidade de Gênero) that is being implemented by the Secretariat for Public Policies for Women. Besides taking part in meetings and activities related to the Programme, the team also carried out a case study on one of the member organisations. …