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    Ogni O Jol

    Ogni O Jol is a collection of eleven short stories by young and established writers, and three papers by researchers. Two of the stories are in English and all others in Bangla. This book comes from a project conducted by Shamim Azad who gathered researchers from Nigeria, England, Ghana, Egypt, Pakistan and Bangladesh to conduct a workshop named 'Pathways of Women Empowerment'. Twenty five authors took part in the six month long workshop. …

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    Ogni o Jol

    This collection of eleven short stories by both young and established writers drew on the research of the Pathways programme for inspiration in creating a fictional narrative. The idea to transform some of the stories which the researchers uncovered during the research process into fiction grew out of a desire to reach a wider audience in demonstrating the change and conflict women encounter within their lives. The stories were developed through creative writing workshops in which different aspects of writing were debated, life stories from the research shared, and draft fictional stories were presented and discussed. The hope is that by producing this volume, these stories of ordinary women and their daily struggles, which often languish as research documents, will reach a much more diverse public. …