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    Feminists Reclaiming Creativity, Unity, Numbers And Time, Development, 52.1

    On behalf of Meem, the community of and for Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LBTQ) women in Lebanon, Nadine delivered one of the most exciting and talked about speeches at the Opening Plenary of the International AWID Forum: The Power of Movements held in Cape Town November 2008. She looks at sexuality in relation to feminism from the perspective of an activist working to have women's self-defined expression of sexuality accepted openly in mainstream culture. …

  • Research Project

    Sexuality and Development. Development 52.1

    This special issue of 'Development' originates from a workshop held at the Institute of Development Studies in 2008. It seeks to explore the linkages between sexuality and the development industry and to uncover the impacts of development on sexuality and how to move towards a more constructive engagement. …